Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Once More Into the Breach

Herewith the blow-by-blow of today's visit to Wall Street:

11:45 am--Eat a 6" Subway BMT on Italian with oil, vinegar AND mayo. No onion, but hot peppers. Wash it down with a glass of wine staring out the window of my studio at Union Square.
11:55 am--Board the Number 4 for the trip to Wall Street, carrying with my the rolled up "Big Dick I (Hundred Million)" and some miscellaneous stuff
12:15 pm--I find myself standing on Broad Street, facing the front entrance of the fabled NYSE.
12:20--I unroll and restretch Big Dick, set myself up for business just across the street, next to the subway entrance.
12:21--Lovely visit from NYSE security guys. Once I explain what's up, they really couldn't be any nicer.
12:45--Japanese tourist asks me to take a picture of his group. I agree to do so in exchange for his taking a picture of me with my camera. This would be that:

1:15--No fewer, by approximate count, than 20 Exchange employees have taken pictures of me with their cellphone cameras.
1:20--My body begins to rebel; says something to the effect of "Baby, it's cold outside." I nod my head in agreement
1:30--I'm pleased with the amount of general, positive interaction I'm having with passers-by. The general Grasso sentiment is quite positive.
1:32--That said, one guy walks by, asks "How much?" I tell him it's on eBay with a starting bid of $2,500. He responds: "That's a lot for a picture of a son of a bitch."
1:37--I get a hard, cash offer that exceeds the amount of money I paid for my first car (a 1961 Triumph TR-3, purchased in 1972. You do the math.)
1:38-I'm amused when my would-be benefactor explains that many people have been staring at the painting from their office windows. I look up and see a few. Wave and smile. Mouth the word "eBay" but doubt if the message gets through.
1:38--I think for a nanosecond before demurring, explaining that I wanted the eBay process to run its course, for better or worse.
2:15--My body pipes up again, this time shouting that it is time to go home.
2:30--I'm wrapped up and entering the subway.
2:45--I've been in the steam bath at the gym for two steam cycles now, and as I reach down to massage my feet, my toes are still cold to the touch.

My plan for tonight is to meet a friend at J.D.'s pub, drink a bunch of beer and eat Wee-Burgers, unquestionably the best sliders in the world.

Tomorrow, based on information gleaned from my new security buddies, I will again bait my hook for Leviathan; re-enter the breach. If that's not mixing metaphors.


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