Friday, July 28, 2006

Lilah S. (Ash Wednesday)

This is my painting of Lilah S.

I completed it on Ash Wednesday, 2006, and although Lilah didn't have ashes on her forehead when I photographed her, I did like the idea of slapping them on to celebrate the event. Both events, really--Ash Wednesday and finishing this lovely painting.

The only problem? She made such a face when I told her of my plans that I decided to put the whole thing (the ash thing) on hold. I got the impression she was uncomfortable with the idea, which left me in a bit of a quandry.

That being--who's steering this boat? Comments are welcome

This, by the way, is what Lilah looks like. Be still my heart. Also note the absence of ashes.

Getting back to the painting, I like the look in her eyes. It seems to say, "I appreciate you returning my lost wallet, but I'm a little disappointed that you took all the cash."

I have some other thoughts about her eyes which I'll share at a later date.


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