Friday, August 11, 2006


I was trying to channel my inner Basquiat when I painted "Pricelist!"

Essentially a gag, it was more about how Basquiat would stretch his canvases over some sticks he tied together. This was, I'm guessing, before he started painting barefoot in Armani suits (see my previous post about Levi Button Fly 501s). Here the canvas is stretched over the back of a dilapidated loading pallet that I found outside my studio door one night. Thus the extreme skew to the left. You can see a piece of the pallet peeking out from the bottom of the painting on the left side. You don't hang this one; you lean it against the wall.

On it you can see what may now be some familar images: "Woman Adjusting Head," "Close, But Not Quite," and the St. Theresa painting, here entitled "The Lamentations of St. Theresa."

What's she complaining about? Isn't she having a big orgasm?

Anyway, getting back to the gag idea, "Pricelist!" is first and foremost a gag about the series of Mastercard commercials that end with the word "Priceless!"

So, as you can see, does the painting.



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