Monday, April 02, 2007

To be or not to be

You may remember this painting. It looked better when it looked like this:

The second is, of course, an earlier version of the first.

It's final iteration included a large red "x" painted across it, with the words "Grasso 2 (Peerless)" scrawled across the lower third of the image. The parenthetical reference is, of course, both to the unusualness of the man and to his ability to manipulate the concept of peer group compensation for his own, striking, financial benefit.

You have to take my word for it because: a) I can't find a picture of it, and b) it is now all white. Or at least as white as a colorful painting on untreated canvas can be after one layer of primer. I am going to visit my father, let the paint dry unwatched, and return to apply a second coat.

After that...let the spectacle begin.

Because lo, after oh so many weeks of choosing the second option posed by today's title, I now choose the first.

Let the spectacle begin.


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