Monday, January 21, 2008

This is where we stand now

This is where we now stand:

I am buoyed (two syllables) by the raccoon eyes and the revamped mouth. The windward eye (on the right side of the picture--windward, in this case, referring to the side of the painting closest to the light source). Disregard all that stuff from several posts ago about the surrogate nipple, etc. I may be able to pull this out of the fire.

You will also note the change in background from a couple of versions ago. I originally tried to interpret her traditional set background with its blue and orange rectangles, but I decided it was just a visual annoyance. Better we should focus on the matter at hand.

Next? I'm rethinking her hair. Long, straight hair is particularly difficult to render with the drip technique. Still, I'm not happy with where we are.


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