Saturday, July 05, 2008

Let the spectacle begin

Here's the rough plan:

Today's Tour de France route is 121 miles long. My plan is to log 12.1. I will continue to perform this Tour de Fromage each day of the actual tour until we reach Paris.

Le map--voila:


The math, by the way, is quite straightforward. I figure I have between five and ten times the percentage of body fat of the average TdFrance rider. Assuming ten, since I've been packing it on lately and I'm assuming they have not been, you invert something and multiply it out to achieve the appropriate mileage.

Babum! Let the spectacle begin.

Quick drug-related note: During the next month I will abide by all the international anti-doping regulations and voluntarily submit to urinalysis if and when requested by Tour de Fromage officials.


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