Sunday, October 02, 2011


You know that drivel I was spouting recently?
Big category, my friend.
What is?
The drivel you've recently been spouting. Can you narrow it down?

About loving your paintings like they were your children?

I remember that, yes.
Something about a Subaru commercial as well.
Forget that part. Let's stick to the paintings-as-kids notion.


It's drivel.

Duly noted.
You perhaps remember this:

I hate that damned painting. Hate it. So now it looks like this:

Huge improvement. The relief is palpable.

That said, actual people were nice enough to write stuff on the painting formerly known as American Investor 2. When it ends up as Inverted Bernanke, I'll give some serious consideration to transcribing the more cogent ones.

Also, if I ever do paint another American Investor, I'm going with this as a resource photo:

And I might call it European Investor. Even though it's the most American of images.


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