Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dealbreaker Weighs In...

43 brave souls offered commentary via Dealbreaker's piece on Corzine Agonistes. My favorite read:


And then offered a link to this:

I was also fond of this exchange:


I believe there is a reason Artists are consistently broke and starving, exhibit 1 is above.

Followed immediately by:

I believe Raymond does quite well for himself and probably enjoys painting more than most of us enjoy sitting at a desk 12 hours a day slowly going blind from staring at Bloomberg and Excel.

I'm choosing a blue font (whether you can read it or not) because I am, as we speak, transcribing the comments from DB's website to the surface of the painting with a blue Sharpie. And I'm nothing if not a structuralist.

It should be further noted, as I pat myself on the back, that Dealbreaker readers also rate individual comments. The "consistently broke and starving" guy garnered a negative nine while the "does quite well" guy netted a positive 37.

They love me. They really love me.

On a closing note, I miss Andy Rooney. Not because he was a particularly nice person, but some of this stuff was quite good. I agree with most of what he said earlier, while choosing to think of myself as a solution to the problem, not the problem.

I suspect he would have hated my Corzine painting.


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