Monday, April 09, 2012

The Dao of Jones

Maybe that's the name of the book. To date we've evolved from Samuel Banks to Caleb Banks to Oratio Banks to Oratio Jones. The beauty of TYOMP, of course, is seeing the brain in action. This would be part of that.

And speaking of which, I'm halfway through this fish:

The general feeling is that everytime Oratio needs some guidance on his quest, he asks a fish. Or a tiger. Or an eagle.

I'm unhappy with the fish, by the way. One loses the delicacy of gesture when painting with a goddam mouse, and the whole thing feels a little stiff. Also, I can't quite get the lightness of image that characterizes the actual genre. I'm always bearing down, so to speak, and the colors quickly become saturated. It's especially obvious in the golfing painting.

Still, the quest continues.


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