Monday, May 13, 2013

Was ist los, Angela?

It's hard to find a good picture of Angela Merkel, although I'm fond of this one ...

And this one, but for different reasons ...

But neither exactly suits my purposes.

This one might work ...

The problem with Merkel is that she's a plain looking woman with a plain looking haircut.  There's nothing to grab hold of.  Don't take this as criticism.  We can't change the way we look (unlike, say, the way we behave), and not all of us can be Lisa Fonssagrives.

Take Tim Geithner, for instance:  he's got hair like Kosmo Kramer.  John McCain: he's got a neck like the Mississippi delta.  Angela (hard G) doesn't really have a lot of compelling terrain.  Paul Ryan:  Looks just like Richard Nixon ...

Imaginary conversation with Paul Ryan:
"Your painting doesn't look like me."
"It will."
"It looks like Richard Nixon."
"I know."
"And I don't like that crack about 'Women of America -- Wake the fuck up!'"
"I'll bet you don't."
"My preference is that they remain sleeping."

Nonetheless, it's my job to paint Frau Merkel and I'm going to trudge forward without complaint.

When have you ever trudged forward without complaint?
Dunno.  Maybe this is a new start for me.
Dog -- this whole post is a complaint.
Okay.  Maybe I'll start after this post.
I doubt it.
And you are, of course, welcome to your opinion.  Let the proof be in the pudding.  I just wish she had a face that was as interesting as her Sherman-esque march through southern Europe.
I rest my case.

Just so we're clear, here's a picture of Fonssagrives ...



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