Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hitler as analog

I love the weird comb-over that all the really crazy dudes have.  Hitler, LaPierre, Trump.  There comes a moment in the psychosis where perceived reality diverges from actual reality.  The technical term for this is madness.

All by means of saying, does Donald Trump really think that's a good look?

Part of the objective here -- beyond rendering the mouth as a steaming pustule, beyond rendering the neck as a volcano of malevolent spirit, rising up out of the shirt, destroying those close with the magma flow, spewing ash into the sky (if large enough, creating a new ice age) -- is the rendering of the kind of comb-over only a genuinely crazy person would sport.

If it wasn't so hot int he studio, I'd import the image you see below into ArtRage and paint one of those Hitlerian bottle-brush mustaches on Big Wayne's face.  But it's hot, and (I want to say "ironically" but that would be the misuse of an already overly misused word) the Heat lost last night, and I'm more inclined to sit in the air-conditioning and read the newspaper.


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