Monday, July 08, 2013

Ahhh, home

The whole idea of going to New York was to go see some cool shows.  The problem was that it was so hot.  I ended up going to no shows and three movies (as noted previously).  The movie I really wanted to see but missed was 20 Feet From Stardom -- the documentary about back-up singers.  But I'm biding my time.  It looks like the kind of flick that's going to hang around the NY art houses for a while.  And, in the event that I miss it completely, being a Netflix subscriber has its benefits.

I will say that, after the requisite glitch or two (one of which took me over a day to fix), NBC's mobile app for watching the Tour de France has been working nicely.  And, as previously predicted, Chris Froome ripped the Maillot Jeune from the back of the pretenders on the first stage in the Pyrenees and survived attack after attack in the second stage while lesser men (including all his teammates) dropped away.

Today is a day of rest for the Tour.  Although it is not Sunday.  And tomorrow, being flat, is a day for the sprinters.  I'll keep you posted.


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