Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mastering the Double Axel 3

The record should show that my prediction of which female skaters will and won't be going to the Olympics next month was exactly correct.  Unlike the potato salad I made this evening, I take no joy in this.

I used fingerling potatoes, so instead of square chunks of potato [the sort of thing you would get from chopping up larger potatoes] I have little round cross-sections.  To which I added hard boiled eggs, a little bit of onion [which I don't usually do], a cucumber [peeled, seeded and diced], a chopped kosher dill pickle, and some salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper.  Were this, say, August I might have thrown in a chopped tomato as well.  Which would have been unbelievable.

Mayonnaise holds the contraption together like the duck tape I used to use on my '61 Triumph ...

Hint:  If you're the sort of person who puts chopped tomato in his guacamole, the secret is to salt the tomato after you've chopped it but before you've stirred it in.

You're welcome.


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