Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day 4

Herewith the blow-by-blow of Exhibition Day Four:

Saturday, August 12, 2006
80 degrees, beautiful

2:10 Set up with "Elena C. (Girl With the Pearl Earring, 2005)". Given the size of this particular canvas, set up was much easier.
2:12 I already have to pee. This may be a problem.
2:13 Hard to keep my mind on the matters at hand. I'm trying to set up an appointment at a gallery later today and am awaiting the call-back.
2:40 Had quite a group of people all gather around at once. One guy took a flyer
3:03 Spoke with a bum with the most amazing nose--I'd to paint his face--who told me to watch out for the pigeon droppings. (Too late, I thought to myself) He also warned me that 24th street was worse for pigeons.
3:15 A woman walks by, says, "cute idea", which makes me wonder if this particular painting is the best choice for public showing. Does everyone just think it's a Vermeer knock-off? They probably do--I would if I didn't know the back story. It is easy to carry, though.
4:00 Finish "Much Ado About Nothing"--not one of my favorite comedies, but I was prepping for seeing another version of the play and wanted to be up to speed.
4:13 Remind me to tell you my "smartest guy in the room" story. Neither the time nor inclination now. But soon.
4:20 Gotta go. I mean, really. Pack up and head back to the office.


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