Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Friday and...

It's Friday, and all I can think about is Robert Rauschenberg's drawing (?) entitled "Erased de Kooning Drawing, 1953".

I was born in 1953, interestingly enough, but that's not why I'm thinking about it. Rather, it occupies my thoughts because I'm about to take a bunch of white paint and obliterate my "Woman With a Wristwatch" painting.

And although I will then paint something else back on the canvas, for a moment I'll call it "Erased Raymond Painting, 2006".

Regarding the Rauschenberg, I'd post a picture of it, but it just looks like a piece of beige/white paper measuring roughly 25" by 20" with smudges all over it.

I'm thinking about de Kooning for other reasons as well. Mostly because I feel like I've lost much of the visual power of my drip style by concentrating on the details of the face. I'm thinking, starting with Stephanie C., that I've got to start painting like de Kooning (painting like Pollock painting like Close).

Which is exhausting.

And for the record, while I'm happy with the thought of painting like either de Kooning, Pollock or Close, I have no such ambitions regarding Rauschenberg, who never quite did it for me. His stuff always struck me as second-tier de Koonings with some magazine clippings glued on; and maybe a goat.


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