Friday, October 06, 2006

More Regarding the Curve

Further proof of my position vis-a-vis "the Curve"--the release of a documentary entitled "Rat Fink," the story of Ed "Big Daddy"Roth, carmaker and cartoonist extraordinaire. The Times review, if it remains available, is here.

Big Daddy was famous for his illustrations of anthromorphized wolves, rats and surrealistic monsters stuffed into equally surreal hotrods.

The reason I bring this up was that just yesterday I was searching for a Big Daddy Roth image to share with you under the category of early influences. Truth be told, it was the relative aclaim of my peers when I started drawing stuff like Big Daddy that told me at an early age that I knew which end of the pencil was which.

This is the image I found:

And one day later...the movie!


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