Monday, March 12, 2007

El Toro Negro, March 12, 2007

El Toro Negro, March 12, 2007
62 degrees; clear skies; mild wind, increasing during second half
20.1 miles
1 hour 38 minutes
12.4 mph average speed
Condition at end of ride: The inside of my thighs feel like they've been injected with snake venom. Other than that, good.

I am an old, fat man. We hold this truth to be self-evident. And I'm still finding my sea legs, bike-wise. So twenty miles is twenty miles, which it didn't used to be, but clearly is now. Might, in fact, be about twenty-five. And the grim reality is that if you go someplace and come back by the same route, the amount of ups and downs are exactly equal. Yet the downs, when you are old and fat, don't make up for the ups.

Are you following me?

Nonetheless, I remain sanguine. Whatever that means.


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