Monday, April 16, 2007

Public Service

I offer this as a public service because not many videos actually give me goose-bumps.

I remember seeing, maybe at BobFest, the fat kid from Booker T and the MGs (Steve Cropper) watch Eric Clapton play guitar so furiously that he (Cropper--a spectacular guitarist in his own right) could only shake his head in amazement.

Likewise, about five minutes into this, when Prince is burning down the house with his extended, song-ending solo, Tom Petty and Dhani Harrison share a look and a giggle that can only say "Manomanoman, if I could play guitar like that..." or something that effect. There is also a period of time in which they appear to forget how to sing the song.

Too bad the audio is subpar.

Me? I love the way Prince just tosses his guitar, now out of tears, into the audience at the end of the song and just walks off.

The thinking here is that it's Prince's world and we just live in it.

(QUICK USER NOTE: if you double-click on the image moments after it begins playing, it will take you to the video's place on youtube. You can then click on the full-screen window near the bottom, on the right. This will give you enhanced viewing, particularly given the weird window in window format of the piece)


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