Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Re: Fridge

Part of the idea of putting The Money Madonna into the icebox was so I wouldn't have to think about her. Problem is, everytime I reach in for a beer, there she is ... staring at me with those accusing eyes.

What? Like Jesus never had a beer? You should see her when I try to get to the onion dip.

Anyway, maybe she's not ready to be put aside. I thought it might be instructive to see the three key stages: the photo I took off the air, my initial sketch, and the near-finished product--all in a bunch. Thus:

The sketch is particularly strong.

Additionally, regarding all my complaining about her never-really-problematic upper lip and flume, these two are fun to view, one atop the other:

I wish the rendition of color was closer between the two. Nonetheless, all we really did was kind of spread her lip up a little and out.


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