Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh Shit ... 200th Posts!

Oh shit! OH SHIT! This is the two hundredth installment in The Year of Magical Painting!

Quick math: I've been at this since July 4, 2006 and it's now April 8, 2007. That's 200 posts in about 300 days, which is what? Two a day? Something like that?

That's a lot in anybody's book!

And to celebrate the event in the most self-deprecating manner possible, I am providing you with an actual photo of $Honey and a similarly-cropped shot of $Madonna. If you grab the scroll bar and shake it up and back, you can get a sense of just how far off the mark I am.

Me? I'm not the least bit worried. It's like what my Mother once said when she visited me in a dream:
"Everything will be all right," she said.
And I believe her.

And besides, I just figured it out. Or something, at least. I figured something out.
What, you ask?
I figured out that you can draw a diagonal line from the right side of the tip of $Honey's chin up to her hairline near her right temple and it will, if replicated on $Madonna, define the structure of the side of her face. It will, additionally, complement the diagonal created by the bangs on the left (picture) side of her forehead. Go ahead. Check it out.

Wow... all this and the 200th post too.

My heart soars like an eagle. Which, oddly enough, was how my Mother appeared in my dream. A white eagle. Man, that is so totally William Blake. They should lock me up now.


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