Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ah ... Progress (Volume 2)

Yo. Check it out, Dog...

We last spoke while here:

Troubled by those scary eyes, we got ourselves to here:

And then, finally (at least for today), by closing up both the upper and lower lids to create that steely, television-anchor glint in the eyes, we got to here:

Even though her hair has changed quite a bit, it remains a problem. Likewise her neck, but truth be told, I haven't even started working on that, so I'm not really worried about it. I'm not crazy about the lower lip either, but that may just end up staying just like it is.

You will also, I hope, notice the implemention of the complementary diagonals of the shadow on her cheek and the line of her bangs.

Quick note on courage: I have none. Which is odd for a painter, given that the mere act of tossing some paint on a canvas with the intention of showing somebody else calls for gobs of the stuff.

Me? None. Not a drop. Thus my disinclination to mess with her mouth. I can tell you from experience that just the smallest change can totally mess the thing up, and despite summoning the full scope and extent of my considerable skills, I might just not get it back.


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