Saturday, April 21, 2007


Having reclaimed the contents of my father's room at Heritage Hall I am left with the question of "What the fuck am I going to do with myself now?" The acronym for which is WTFAIGTDWMN.

Some thought is being given to raising rabbits and traveling from state to state. Without papers.

A neighbor of my friend Chuck rode his bike from NYC to Miami. I bet that takes some pounds off. It would be interesting to take the shore route all the way. Ride the ferries at The Battery, Cape May and probably somewhere in the Virginia Beach area. And then again down near the lighthouse on the bottom of the North Carolina barrier islands. Is that Cape Fear? I think instead it is something like Amagansett, only that's obviously not it.

Those shore winds can be a monster, though. Makes raising rabbits seem more sensible. Chuck, his wife Wyn and I had dinner in Brooklyn a month or so ago and I had braised rabbit. Outstanding. Plus what they called a "winter" salad, made only from thinly sliced vegetables that were white--onions, leeks, cauliflower, water chestnuts...can't think of any more. It, too, was memorable.

Apparently there's also money in those animals that look like small llamas. Yamas. Yamulchas. Yamahas. Maybe I should buy a motorcycle; rethink the whole trip that way. Although I wouldn't buy a Yamaha. Probably a Harley V-Rod. Bright red. Matching red leather jacket. Emblazoned on the back: "That boy could sure eat some beets!"

Alternatively: "Los Tomatoes!"--which is the name of a band I'd like to start.

These are all thoughts.


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