Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm of two minds, Volume 2

I'm just going to get this off my chest and then be done with it. Is it me, or do both sides of Self Portrait II (That Boy Could Sure Eat Some Beets) seem like their own little thing? Like stand-alone works?

I mean, could I give one side to one of my daughters for Christmas and the other side to the other and save, like, a ton of dough?

Would the title of the first one--just to pick--be: Self Portrait II (That Boy Could Sure Eat Some Beets) I, or might it perhaps be called: Self Portrait II (That Boy Could Sure Eat Some Beets)--Northwest Quadrant?

I'm of two minds.

That second title is interesting, though, because it implies that there are, in fact, four paintings rather than the two that actually exist.

I'm engaged by the notion of a potential customer, so entranced with the northwest and northeast quadrants, saying something like: Wow, I see you've sold these two. Would you take an offer, unseen, for the southern quadrants? At which point you nod vigorously in the affirmative and race home to bang them out like nobody's business.

This, for you obsessives, would be what we call in shorthand: Beets Q4

I mean, how hard can that be to paint?


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