Friday, May 11, 2007

The truth of the matter

Okay. The truth of the matter is that I wasn't really drinking Jack Daniels. Or Heineken ponies. Although I do have fond memories of being young, working in the restaurant business, and drinking, after hours, Heinekens and shots of Gran Marnier. The sharp tang of the beer and the cloying sweetness of the, that was good. Sounds a little like Chinese food.

Anyway, the proof of the truth is that I couldn't possibly have been drunk and resolved my image download problem. And, that said, here is the apple of my eye, so to speak. I'm calling it J.E.B. Stuart because Stuart's cavalry was often referred to as Lee's eyes on the battlefield, and it was Stuart who failed Lee at Gettysburg.

Here you can see the disasterous placement of Stuart on the battlefield, so to speak.

You can see we are one square too low. I remain stunned at this idiocy, but honestly, what do you do? Keep fighting, I suppose.

You can now see the revised canvas, with new tape beginning to outline the next squares to be painted, and newspaper obscuring those squares already completed. Two additional items are worth noting: First, I have painted over square number 11, hereafter knowN as Stuart's Square, in a shade of dark gray, as a way of acknowledging what went before.

Second--and this is quickly obvious to the eagle-eyed--I am cheating a little and plan to paint squares 19 and 20 as one unit. This is not a particularly important part of the painting and it will enable me, once done to conveniently mask off the entire top and bottom rows of squares. You can't tell here, but I will also be masking and painting squares 10 and 12 as well.

This may also put me back on schedule. As if I had a schedule. Actually I did have an idea that by painting six non-adjacent squares a day for five days I could complete the primary phase of the painting in that amount of time. Add two more days of "all over" painting and voila, we are done in a week! Stuart's betrayal has cost me time I will never recover, although I am not, by nature, comfortable with completing a painting in a week. Big Maria has taken several months and I'm about to erase half the damned thing, so I'm not even close to where I need to be with her.

I remain, nonetheless, sanguine. Whatever that means.


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