Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Upon Reflection...

Upon reflection, I've decided I may not be an alien. Still, that sense of remove remains palpable, particularly during sing-alongs.

My grandmother, upon learning that she was moving to France, expressed concern to Grandfather that she didn't speak French. His solution: he taught her how to count in French, then set her loose on a conveniently local bridge club. She was, by all accounts, about the sharpest bridge player you ever met. She learned quickly enough.

A friend of mine's daughter is going to Spain for a month or so to hone her Spanish. My daughter is currently in Hungary, honing whatever she feels needs sharpening. Charlie's in the jungle, eating rice balls, getting stronger. I'm in Leesburg, eating onion dip.

The idea is not to peer over the wall but to climb over it. Emersion. The things we learn. Now, whenever I see somebody merging onto a limited access highway, I slam on the brakes rather than maintain my right of way. I mean, I just slam them on. It's the only polite thing to do.

The things I am learning in Leesburg.


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