Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ahhh...Victory (Volume 2)

Now that, if I do say so myself, is a pretty tastey bit of freehand lettering.

Of course, the victory of which I speak is not mine, per se. Instead, I am channelling the spirit of that little blue wedge above Rupert's left eye. Targeted for obliteration more than once, it, like those hordes of unattractive British people in World War II, withstood all I could throw at it. And prevailed.

Are you familiar with the painting by Matisse entitled Boy with Piano, or The Piano Lesson, or something? It's pretty famous. It's an interior scene of a boy standing next to a piano. I think there's a window too. He might be sitting behind it, not standing. Anyway, what makes it unusual is that the boy's face is a strange, wedgy, geometric blur of a thing. It's almost as if Matisse, too ill to complete the painting, hired Mark Kostabi to do the kid's face. Except chunkier than your typical Kostabi face.

So I'm thinking of my little blue triangle as an homage to Matisse. Or fromage ... whichever isn't the cheese.

This is entitled Boy with Painting, or The Painting Lesson, or something.

Maybe I'll call it Ahhh...Victory.


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