Friday, July 13, 2007

Honors and Accolades

You'd think, for a painter with as much public recognition as I get; what with the critical hosannas that have become like so much water coming out of my shower head, I would tire of honors and accolades.


So it is with some pride that I announce that I, Geoffrey Raymond, have been named an "Artist in Residence" at the Brooklyn Artists Gymnasium (located on no less convenient a street than my own 7th Street). Odd name, I'm thinking.

The fact that anyone who's both breathing and willing to cough up about 200 bucks a month is eligible for such a designation doesn't take the edge off the thing, even in the slightest.

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all the little people who's necks I stepped on to get where I am today.

I mean, I'm not an ogre.


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