Saturday, June 30, 2007

Honestly, how hot is Ava Gardner?

I mean, Sinatra dated her... so you do the math.

No. You do the math, Butchie.

I bring this up because, as part of my new, rigorous practice of setting short- and medium-term goals and then, swimming like a salmon upriver to spawn, meeting them without regard for those obstacles that might stand in my way, I have just finished reading Nevil Chute's watermark book "On The Beach" a good four days before The Year of Magical Painting comes to an end.

The plan is to follow up with Cormac McCarthy's "The Road"--another highly touted story of the nuclear apocalypse.

Although I am also drawn to somewhat lighter fare. That would, of course, be "Lulu Meets God, and Doubts Him"--an insider's catty look at the Chelsea art scene by some woman whose husband sits on the board of the Guggenheim.

It should be noted that planning to read either of these books constitutes neither short- nor medium-range goal setting.

So noted, Butchie.

Are you watching "John from Cincinatti?" It could be the best thing on TV. Paragraphs 2 and 7, highlighted above for your reading convenience, both reference this show.

I'd write longer, but I'm in close liaison with the Mayor's office and can't speak just now. Apparently they have planned a massive fire-works display to honor the passing of this considerable milestone in my journey to become the pre-eminent portrait painter of the 21st Century.

Go figure.


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