Saturday, June 23, 2007

This is to this as that is to that

This is a photograph by Jim McHugh of David Hockney painting in his studio.

Hockney is to teal what Max Beckmann was to black. This is Max Beckmann below, only he's in a brown mood.

If you read all the brown in this painting (titled "Self-Portrait with Horn") as black, you will, by then revisiting the above theoretical equation, get a better understanding of Hockney and his teal.

Back to Hockney--he is also clearly a blue guy, as opposed to a green guy, although his greens can be stunning. Quick note: my theory that painters are either blue guys or green guys, much the way guitarists are either stratacaster guys or telecaster guys, was explored exhaustively about 100 posts ago. FYI, I'm a green guy.

Here's another shot. I can tell you from experience that, while painting, he is certainly thinking: "How many beautiful women do I have to paint before I can sleep with one."

Actually, he may not be thinking that.

Quick additional note: as titles go, Self-Portrait with Horn is not such a long jump from Cheerleader with Banana.


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