Friday, June 22, 2007


I've been thinking about backgrounds quite a bit lately. Typically my backgrounds are just plain black surfaces. For "The Annotated Murdoch" the same idea applies, except the background will be white. The better for passersby to do their annotating.

And that's not really true. If it's going to be white with a bunch of writing on it, that's a far cry from black with no writing on it.

That said, the idea is this: Are you familiar with the arithmetical notation that involves counting in groups of five; each group of five being shown as four downward lines and then completed with a diagonal slash? It's how prisoners count the days in solitary.

I think the next time I paint a big head, I'm going to make those the background. Subtle, though. Maybe pthalo green on black. Something like that.

Of course, irridescent gold also calls to me. Which would kind of be like giving Gussy Klimt the cheese. In a way.


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