Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I find myself once again in Leesburg

Daughter #2 was kind enough to ferry me from Brooklyn to Leesburg for the round figure of $100. Last time I was here I rented a one-way U-Haul and so found myself in Brooklyn with a lot of furniture but no car. Back to the hundred bucks--since hers is a leased car, and every mile counts, I figured that was reasonable. Plus, I gave her a nice tip.

She and I achieved what might be the zenith of Father/Daughter bonding when we ate our lunch at Mike's Famous Harley Davidson, then toured the inventory. It is not without a kharmic echo that I ordered Cincinatti Pasta (a plate of overcooked spaghetti topped with a bunch of chili, hot peppers and sour cream), given my current fascination with John From Cincinatti.
I got my eyes on you, Butchie!

Daughter #2--not surprisingly, given her predeliction for large SUVs--seems to like the big, fat-assed Harleys with the swath of plexiglass for a windshield and the flat foot rests instead of pegs, and those big matched-color fiberglass luggage compartments that occupy most of the back end of the damned things.

I tried to tempt her with a lean, angry-looking V-Rod (my Harley of choice) but she seemed disinterested. Go figure.

As for me? I am closing in on a painting space that will, I believe, suite my needs nicely. I've decided that I may shoot some photos at the apartment, but it's not really suitable as a live/work studio.

At which point, I can assure you, up will pop Cheerleader With Banana.


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