Monday, July 02, 2007


I got my eye on you, Butchie!

This would, of course, be the initial sketch for Cheerleader with Banana. You may notice two things: First, no banana. Second, we seem to have run out of steam a little when we got to the feet.

Also, I suppose, there's no cloze. Hey--it's a work in progress.

If you bodysurf in less than four or five feet of water (which I prefer, given my not-so-irrational fear that a shark is going to come up from below eat either all or part of me), the typically accepted idea of swimming toward shore until the wave catches you up and propels you forward is, in fact, not the way it works. Unless you have flippers and are a strong swimmer, the best way to catch the wave is by keeping your feet embedded in the sand, fighting the outward current as well as you can, until the moment comes when you actually jump forward. It doesn't hurt to paddle a couple of times either, but really it (like pitching) is all in the legs.

Painting, however, is not in the legs. Hands and eyes, mostly--if you think painting is a physical activity.

For me, it's all about meeting women.

I will say Cheerleader with Banana has a certain presence, when witnessed in the flesh. It's basically life-sized, so that's fun. And there's a topographical feel to the top line (i.e. her shoulder, neck, hip, calf, etc.) that I find appealing.


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