Sunday, July 08, 2007

Today, of course, being the first of the rest of my life

I am celebrating the renewal, if that's the right word, of the Year of Magical Painting with extraordinary productivity.

9-9:30 Wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across my head
9:30-1o Continue getting my shit together
10-1:30 Watch Stage 2 of the Tour de France. Robbie McEwen comes literally out of nowhere (ten miles before the finish line he was felled by another biker, slightly injured, surely written off as an influencing factor in the day's events) to win the final sprint by a bike and a half.
1:30-3:30 Watch the Iceman, Kimi Raikkonnen, pilot his Ferrari from P2 on the starting grid to finish first at the British Grand Prix--his second consecutive win, by the way. Worth noting that Ferrari has recently changed the hue of its racing red away from its sponsor's so-called Marlboro Red back to the original Ferrari Red. Nicer on the eyes. Plus, fuck Philip Morris.
3:30-4 Read some of Bangkok 8.
4-4:55 Nap
5-5:45 Afternoon Mass around the corner. Because the musicians didn't show up it was the fastest Mass in recent memory.
6-6:45 Grab a bowl of ochra and seafood gumbo and a citrus-flavored beer at NoNo, the local New Orleans-style restaurant.
7-8:15 Continue reading (am rushing to finish Bangkok 8 so I can re-read MacBeth); misc. communications with Daughter 2; wash some dishes
8:15 forward Am finishing this post, then placing myself in a zen-like meditative state in preparation for John From Cincinatti.

Have we discussed the film adaptation of MacBeth I saw the other day? Unbelievable. More later.


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