Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Observer Weighs In

Thinking back to when the New York Rangers won their last Stanley Cup (and I say this as a man who doesn't give a shit about hockey), there was one moment that has stuck with me. Well, several really--one has to admire the stuff Mark Messier was bringing to the plate, for example--but one in particular. It was a man who, at the end of Game 7 (if it went seven), held up a sign that said "Now I Can Die In Peace!"

So today The New York Observer, truly one of my favorite newspapers, published an article on their website titled "At Dow Jones Headquarters, Murdoch gets Graffiti." It is, of course, about The Annotated Murdoch and, likewise, yours truly. Click here to see.

I would describe it as largely accurate other than the author's claim that the painting is four feet tall. It is, in fact, four feet wide; five feet tall. And I'm not sure I ever said the words "I find it ratifying that people want to write on my painting."

Gratifying, certainly. Ratifying? An unusual usage, for sure.

And it might have been nice for them to have put a link straight to my eBay site, although I suppose it is not The Observer's job to be selling the damned thing for me.

And besides, these are small things. I find myself duly and fairly Observed and now I can die in peace.


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