Wednesday, August 01, 2007

And Portfolio offers its take, which does make me happy

I downloaded a Lesley Gore song the other night. I was watching a documentary on 50s girl bands and singers and before I knew it, there I was, ninety-nine cents later, the owner of the digital file of "You Don't Own Me."

All of which is unimportant other than that it was also, if I remember correctly, Ms. Gore who recorded "Where The Boys Are." (Although I must admit, the words Connie Francis do churn through my head)

I, by the way, always thought Ms. Gore was extremely hot in an unconventional way. Wonderful eyes--and I'm a sucker for the eyes.

Back to "Where The Boys Are." If you replace "Boys" with "Rich People Yearning to Buy Art", you get a pretty good picture of the Portfolio readership.

Thus, this is about as nice as it gets. Written by Callen Bair, I thought it was lovely. You should read her likewise-nicely-done longer piece on strategies auction houses use to estimate their estimates, notably the estimate of a first-class Rothko going into a recent Sotheby's auction.

(For the record, I have a drip painting titled "White Rothko" that is something to behold.)

Anyway, as a slightly-famous person, I get a lot of stuff written about me and my work. Ms. Bair's, I have to tell you, is one of my favorites. I wonder if she gets a lot of cheese jokes.

More importantly, I wonder if I could get her to take me to lunch at the Conde Nast cafeteria. I've always wanted to go.


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