Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whither Geoffrey?

Herewith today's quandary--titled for your convenience "Whither Geoffrey?"

All of which is to say that, as I sit at my keyboard I realize I'm filled, not with the urge to write the usual pablum that passes around here for state-of-the-art blogging, but rather with the urge to begin a new painting.
Easy enough...
"Easy enough?" That's all you have to say? Do you think this shit is easy? I've got a headache thinking about it. More specifically, do I paint the 5x6 version of the Chuck Close self-portrait that will bookend nicely with the one I already have? The one I'll call "Close, But No Cigar"?

Or, in a spasm of timeliness, do I paint "The Annotated Ailes" and present it for commentary in front of the NYSE to coincide with the launch of the Fox Business Channel?

Show of hands. How many of you have even heard of Roger Ailes? Looking closer, is that even the question? I mean, I'm marketing myself to a select group, likely all of whom have heard of Roger Ailes. But still....

Or, do I ride the wave and paint Erin Burnett in a manner similar to Big Maria?

The thinking here (which by the way does make me giggle--always a good sign) is to interpret her in a religious manner ala Big Maria, with the arch over her head inscribed with:
"I swear to God, if Cramer drools on me one more time I'm gonna freak out!"
And, just to show you how verklempt I am about the whole thing, I pasted the wrong Roger Ailes picture in the slot above. This is the one I'd use, were I to use it:

I mean, honestly! That is a picture. Kind of screams Citizen Kane, doesn't it?

If they ever draft me and send me to Vietnam, I hope they let me wear Erin Burnett's hair as a helmet. Gotta be bulletproof.


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