Monday, November 26, 2007

Big Rupert Gets His Due

Before I ship Big Rupert off to Thailand, I'm pleased to report he'll have one more public viewing before he goes. He's part of a group show at the BAG Gallery in Brooklyn called "Politics of Power."

Art's not a contest but, that said, I hope I win Best of Show, or whatever they call it when it's not related to the Westminster Dog Show. For those interested, you can see the announcement here. Look, I got top billing on the invitation.

Also, on a more serious note: if you double-click on Big Rupert above, then look in the lower right hand corner, you can see where somebody wrote:
"You're hot!
(heart) Christina"

Can you see it? It actually says "Your hot! ..." which is grammatically wrong but I'm choosing not to focus too tightly on that. Just the opposite, in fact. I'd like to publicly thank Christina. Troubling that she didn't write down her phone number or something, but still, you take compliments where you find them.

That said, the opening reception is this Saturday evening. Everyone is invited. I assume there will be wine and cheese. Maybe a grape or two.


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