Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm attracted to Anna Wintour

And finally, the briefest of fashion notes. Just to show that we're well-rounded.

Did you watch The Hills this week? Honestly, you could cut the tension with a knife as LC and Whitney (mostly Whitney, since her ass was on the line professionally) set up a Teen Vogue-sponsored Marc Jacobs fashion show in LA. More specifically, it was Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Me? Oddly enough, the last fashion show I attended was Marc by Marc Jacobs. I think it was at the Armory on maybe 27th and Lex. I remember going in with high expectations and coming out underwhelmed. Maybe I'm not in the demo. Anyway, I couldn't have been less impressed (although there was one dress with geometric, v-shaped gray and white stripes that reminded me of a Frank Stella painting that was really, I am here to tell you, something).

There was a moment, however, that remains in my mind. An unseized opportunity, if you will. The moment occurred when Anna Wintour arrived and they had to temporarily sit her on the bleachers a couple of rows down from me while they arranged her final resting place. And it really was the oddest thing--like she was radioactive or something. Nobody came near her. It really was the oddest thing.

And I, gregarious soul that I am, thought for a moment about hopping down three levels and introducing myself. I mean, hey--I'm famous too. But then I realized that this would be about as disgruntling to my host as having his arm ripped off by Beowulf was to Grendel, and so decided to remain seated. Still, the mind reels. I find her extremely attractive in a slightly-too-thin kind of way. Too thin the way some women cross their legs at the knees and then proceed to tuck the crossed foot behind her other ankle. Which, to my mind, is extremely unattractive unless you work in the circus.

So I was on the subway the other day. I guess it was raining, or at least a little damp. And a young woman sitting across from me was wearing a moderately short, kind of tweedy wool, maybe dark green skirt, black leggings and black Wellies, and really, I thought it was about the most attractive look imaginable.

Whitney is my favorite. If you're counting. She's like Dorothy in Oz, except that instead of being surrounded by Munchkins and Quadlings, she surrounded by bitches.

Do you watch The Hills? Really, it's almost the best thing ever--exceeded perhaps only by Gossip Girl. And some other shows.


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