Friday, November 09, 2007

Next up...

Next up, I'm thinking, is a self-portrait titled: "Last Will and Testament."

It's funny how Chuck's nose came out with that Francis Bacon thing because I've been thinking about trying to channel (within the parameters of my general style) my inner Francis Bacon in a self-portrait.

And, just to upset everybody, I anticipate the image being slightly smaller than usual. This is to accommodate a pretty generous amount of copy circling the image, possibly in a spiral of words that may run two or three lines deep, which will read something like:
Last will and testament: The subjects of the paintings will receive those paintings. The daughters of the painter will equally split the remainder of the estate. The ex-wife of the painter will receive nothing because I mean, really. There will be no ceremony; just burn the painter up; toss him off the dock. Hey Johnny--don't eat all the beets!
All copy is approximate at this point.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't everybody freak out. I haven't the slightest intention of dying anytime soon. But a responsible guy should have a will.

This would be that--one more example of how totally I have my shit together.


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