Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No. 489

This is the 489th post on The Year of Magical Painting. We are coming up on a milestone. I hope #500 isn't one of those ones that starts like: "It's almost four in the morning and the only reason I'm not vomiting is because I'm afraid I'll bleed out through the eyes..."

Or something like that.

I hope instead that it happens on Christmas Day (although it will likely happen sooner). I hope I have something positive to say--a finished painting, perhaps, to talk about.

Does one hyphenate bleed-out? I'm thinking yes. Interesting phrase--I never started saying it until they began using it a lot on Grey's Anatomy. Now it's everywhere. Like vajayjay. Which, despite what The Times suggests, is a stupid word.

Bleed-out, however, is an excellent phrase. I love the finality of it.



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