Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And furthermore...

The whole idea about being a painter (other than, obviously, the fact that it's a pathetic cry for attention) is to shake things up, encourage new ways of looking at things, re-interpret the world in your own disfunctional way. Sometimes this includes shocking and upsetting people.

The whole reason why I eventually painted "Cheerleader with Banana (Fallen Angel) 1" was because of the way people reacted whenever (literally, whenever) I said the words "Cheerleader with Banana." Funny how things turn out for the best, because I really like the painting. I may not make it into a series, but I like the painting.

(I also may turn it into a series. The jury is out. If the models weren't such a pain in the ass, it'd be easier.)

Likewise, Eric telling me that painting something called "The Enunciation of Joseph" would be a career-killer sent me literally sprinting for the studio.

Anyway, all this by way of saying that we live in a world populated by idiots, nitwits and small-minded literal thinkers. Truth be told, I'm not so bothered by the idiots and nitwits. Hey--nobody's perfect. But small-minded literal thinkers are deeply and profoundly the enemy of artistic expression. And, for good or for bad, this blog is one of what one might call my two-prong effort at artistic expression.

And besides, you have to be careful what you say on the web. Otherwise, if you find yourself running for office some day, Republican black-ops guys like my cousin Allen will quote some crazy thing you wrote on your website and you won't get to be President.

The irony of which is palpable, given just who does get to be President.

Anyway, all by way of saying that I've deleted much of two recent posts. I say this without anybody having said even a peep. Okay--one person, but only because I asked. But I was googling a couple of categories with me in the heading and you would be amazed what kind of stuff from TYOMP just pops up. So I'm not entirely comfortable with my fictitious account of buying a [REDACTED] and heading to the studio with it appearing, for some reason, as the first item you get when you google moi.

So if you read them intact, I hope you got a chuckle. If you are catching up, surely this is a lesson to you that if you don't stay current you miss the good shit.


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