Monday, March 10, 2008

Bit of a screw-up...

Seem to have neglected to commit to the archives, or into any electronic storage device whatsoever, how we looked at the end of Day Three.
I can hear the completists gnashing their teeth.
Me too. Fuck em.
And now, all that stuff is covered up. Basta!
Why do you keep saying Basta? We don't need no stinking basta.
Excellent point. I don't even know what it means.
Wikipedia says its a village in Shetland, Scotland.
I thought Shetland was a village.
In Swedish, basta means to sit in a sauna.
You would think it would mean to sit in a sauna while, at periodic intervals, somebody with a basta sucks up all your liquid and squirts it back on top of your head. To ensure even cooking and a nice brown skin.
Maybe that's how they make head cheese.
If you and I were sitting in a bar in Basta, Scotland, drinking some local beer out of 8-ounce bottles, do you know what the beers would be called?
Shetland ponies?

Anyway, this is how we look halfway through Day Four:

And by tomorrow night we'll see just what the damned thing looks like.

Can't wait.


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