Saturday, March 01, 2008

maps/massle update

The reason for the lack of posting is that I've been charting about a zero on my recent maps/massle curve. This, I should say, is unrelated to any current, in-the-works painting since there isn't one.

(I frequently respond to misery with inaction. I'm Hamlet, to a degree, I suppose.)

I mean, there always IS one, but sometimes it's just revolving in the back of my mind. To wit: Big Fidel. I'm not happy with the images I have and am considering switching to The Annotated Greenberg.

This would be Hank himself:

Although the urge to go with this one:

... is palpable.

I don't quite know what to call the idea of schlepping a painting of the baseball Greenberg down to 70 Pine (AIG HQ) and inviting annotations regarding the business Greenberg.

But I am fucking warming up to it!


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