Tuesday, February 26, 2008

October 30, 1974

Dateline--Kinshasa, Zaire (October 30, 1974):

Somewhere in the fifth or sixth round of the Rumble in the Jungle, in the midst of a clinch, in the midst of his about-to-be-famous rope-a-dope strategy designed to allow George Foreman to punch himself into oblivion (courtesy, in part, to 85 degrees; 90% humidity), Muhammad Ali whispered the following into George Foreman's ear:
Is that all you got?
Apparently it was. With nine seconds to go in the eight, Ali forcibly connected his right glove with the left side of Foreman's head; an act of malevolence that drove the pre-fight favorite reeling to the canvas. It was the end of the fight; a technical knock-out. Ali wins.

All of which came back to me as I watched Barak Obama rope-a-dope Hillary Clinton into oblivion earlier this evening.

Me? I think it's high time we put an Irishman back in the White House.

O'Bama in O'Eight

As an additional public service, I offer the following:

[REDACTED. This was a clip of Julie Andrews and Richard Burton singing "I wonder what the simple folk do"--or something like that--from the Ed Sullivan Show. It was good clean fun, but the youtube link didn't work quite right]

Honestly, how hot is Julie Andrews. Remind me to tell you about the time I had tea with her. And I like the political relevance today of a question asked in a Broadway show from 1961. And Richard Burton dancing near the end is a giggle too.

And while we're getting political, this from the Bulworth script. It's my favorite part of the movie; top five at least.

Rich people've stayed on top, dividing white people from colored people. But white people've got more in common with colored people than rich people. We're just gonna have to eliminate 'em.



Rich people?

White people.

Black People, too.
Brown people,
Yellow people.
Get rid of 'em all.

Get rid of them all?

We need a voluntary, free Spirited,
compatible, open ended program of
procreative racial deconstruction.


Everybody just got to keep fucking everybody
till we're all the same color.


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