Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baiting my hook for Leviathan

I've baited my hook for Leviathan.

My loins are girded (whatever that means).

I'd bore you with a few stanzas of "The Charge of the Light Brigade," but, really, I've done that one to death here at The Year of Magical Painting.
Half a league!
I proceed later this morning to stake out a few square feet of sidewalk outside the headquarters of Bear Stearns, where I will then erect my portrait of Jimmy Cayne and let people write all over it. Updates will appear here on a daily basis, as well as on the eBay site, which will go online @6pm today, with bidding set to close Monday evening.

Having said all this, I wonder if I need to ungird my loins before I take my shower.


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