Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet the Beatles

Okay. Now I'm just screwing around, wasting time before dragging my ass to the studio.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Or, perhaps, John, Meg, George and Ringo.
Don't you think your time would be better served painting your portrait of Jimmy Cayne rather than fucking around with graduation pictures of your daughter?
Yes and no.
Do you think your daughter can name more than two of the Beatles?
I doubt it.
Or any Rolling Stone other than Mick?
And you call yourself a father?
Okay! I apologize. I'm leaving now. I'm going to the studio.
Great idea in theory, but aren't you worried that you may have missed the Bear Stearns boat?
A little. But you never know what happens 'til you're outside, handing out magic markers.
There's probably still X number of really pissed off people shuttling between Stearns HQ and Connolly's Pub.
That's what I'm counting on.


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