Friday, May 09, 2008

This is Dave's brain...

This is Dave's brain:

This is Dave's brain on drugs:

Sometimes when you get the VIP tour at just the right time, you are allowed to participate in the process itself. To walk in the shoes of the great ones, if you will. To something without something something. You know the line--it's from Man of LaMancha.

The problem with letting civilians, if that's the right word, march in the shoes of battle-scarred veterans (and let me tell you, painting--like love--is a battlefield) is that they are typically insufficiently prepared for when the bullets start flying. I would have preferred, for example, more of a bend to the knee. I mean, I know we are getting old...but this is action painting. Action! Put your legs into it, man. And if he had stayed inside the lines (there are lines, you understand), that would have been nice.

But all that said, things are moving in the right direction. Box 11, by the way, where Dave spent a good deal of his time, is looking just fine. That yellow is my fault, not his.

The reason we are even painting this picture, I should explain, is that my black and white version of Warren Buffett, which of course would be this:

... was rejected (probably rightly so) by the client who commissioned it. His point was that the others in the series I had done for him were in color and the b&w Buffett seemed out of sync.

As noted moments ago, the point was a legitimate one and I was happy to comply by squeezing out a new one. So now we find ourselves up to our elbows in colored paint and obscured boxes. And the upside, clearly, is that I get to keep for my own purposes the original Warren Commission.

Interesting quick note: Here are both Warrens during what we call the 7th Inning Stretch (that point at which we have completed half the boxes and take a moment to unwrap the obscured portions of the canvas to see where we are. By sheerest happenstance, I painted the boxes in a different order the second time around.

Here's BW Buffett, half done:

And here (again) is Color Buffett, likewise half done:

When I unwrapped BW Buffett I decided to leave it the way it was. No changes were made at all. That clearly won't be the case with the current version. I'm going to have to work on a couple of things--most notably the red/yellow color shift between boxes 3, 7 and 11. That eye is going to need some work too.


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