Monday, May 12, 2008

The Warren Commission

After some considerable but unavoidable delays, I am happy to present my color portrait of Warren Buffett.

As close readers will remember, it's the second one I've done.  The first was black and white.  Both drew from the same resource photo.  Both employ the now famous obscured box technique.  

For the record, the complete and exact name of this particular painting is
If nothing else, I believe it puts the lie to the suggestion (mostly from the western contingent of TYOMP readers) that the obscured box paintings don't have the same ooomph (or, as might have it, the same "Phallic rise"--whatever that has to do with painting) as my straight fling-from-the-hip stuff.  

To them I say Faaaa.

I'll give you the whole sequence in my next post.



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