Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick recap...

Whenever I have a painting in play on eBay I get any number of new visitors to The Year of Magical Painting. For their benefit, a quick recap of my annotated series:

This is the first one I did--"The Annotated Murdoch" was exhibited outside the Wall Street Journal headquarters during the period last fall between when the Dow board recommended to the Bancroft family that they accept Mr. Murdoch's purchase offer and the moment they did so.

This one is actually pretty recent. Through a series of happy coincidences (I was actually painting the painting for another purpose when I heard the Spitzer news hit), I had Big Eliot outside the New York Stock Exchange fifteen minutes after Spitzer announced his resignation. Given that the Wall Street community pretty much loathes the guy, they were grabbing the markers out of my hand (to the tune of about 325 annotations vs. Murdoch's roughly 100).

And "The Annotated Bear" is a portrait of Jimmy Cayne, former Bear Stearns CEO. The annotations you see here happened today. You can read more about it in the previous posts.


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