Friday, June 13, 2008

Images for my show

Did I mention that I may have a show at at gallery in the Catskills? These are some of the images that I'm thinking about including. On the business side:

Plus an annotated Bernanke, just to fill things out.

I have other stuff, but most of it is sold and I'm still holding onto it. It would be fun, for example, go include Big Maria--since it is a relatively famous painting (Page Six!). Likewise, I can get the Annotated Murdoch and the Annotated Bear from their owners, but what's the point

On the non-business side (I suppose there should be a better name for this category), I'm considering both my Chuck Close paintings, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, and maybe Michelle A--although as noted previously I don't think I'm ready to sell her yet.

I also like the idea of bunching together a couple of homage paintings, like Girl with Pearl and Portrait of Portrait...

Plus a self-portrait:

Plus, since there's some rumor about a Julien Schnabel show opening at the same time in a gallery across the street, it might be fun to paint a Big Schnabel. He looks like this:

And this:

So really, how hard could it be?

He paints (or used to) stuff like this:

So you can see the link.


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